Calling All Change-Makers

You want to make a positive difference.  Our work supports you to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Our clients represent many different contexts, especially:

  • K-12 and higher education
  • social change/public service/community action/nonprofits
  • congregations & faith communities
  • business/corporate settings
We’re also here to help you to navigate change in your own life, especially at several key transition points:

  • young adults, emerging leaders, “flight years”
  • mid-career & mid-life
  • “3rd chapter” (pre- & post-retirement)

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Through our services, you will be invited to participate in…
  • safe, courageous space that invites you to be yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin, honor your inner wisdom, and grow in trust and authenticity.
  • in-depth attention to things that matter, to you and to the world. We’re committed to individualized, personal attention. We recognize and care about you as a whole person. You’ll know that you’ve been seen and heard, perhaps like never before.
  • evocative questions & deep listening that help you to honor and access your inner teacher, nourish the soil in which your true self is grounded, and tap into your gifts of intuition and imagination.
  • appreciation for diversity of questions, possibilities, and perspectives.
  • an ongoing relationship: We offer extended follow-up to help you sustain and integrate your learning and growth over time.

Our Services

Clarity & Discernment

A clearness consultation is typically one hour (90- minute and two-hour sessions are possible as well) and commonly occur more than once (say, in a series of three or four) over the course of several weeks. The whole experience is grounded on Chris’s firm commitment to hold safe, courageous space for you to explore substantive questions in depth.


We offer stand-alone retreats and retreat series around questions of calling and purpose, renewal and nourishment for the common good, and leadership development. See below for more details on our retreats, and please see the “upcoming events” page for more information about retreats that are currently scheduled.


Shorter than a typical retreat, but with our same commitment to creating safe, courageous spaces that maximize impact, these Milkweed Group workshops offer interactive, thought-provoking opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Consulting & Speaking

Chris can work with you to determine the best way to meet your needs, whether it’s in-depth and behind the scenes work with a team, or a tone-setting keynote talk for a group of any size. Chris will bring a vast reservoir of experience and resources from more than two decades of facilitation, teaching, program development and leadership.