Organizations, like people, often clarify their vision and re-energize their work with the help of horizon-opening questions and fresh perspectives of others. Teams, groups, departments, entire institutions need to create and hold safe, courageous space around things that matter — to them, their people, and the world they serve. Chris can work with you to determine the best way to meet your needs, whether it’s in-depth and behind the scenes work with a team, or a tone-setting keynote talk for a group of any size. He’ll bring a vast reservoir of experience and resources from more than two decades of facilitation, teaching, and program development and leadership. His engaging style, powerful questions, and authentic presence will invite your organization to nourish its most important strength — its people — and discover exciting new ways to live into the future with integrity and purpose. Examples of Chris’ work with organizations include consulting, workshops, and keynotes for:

Environmentalism Awareness ConcertGeneral Audiences

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gustavus Divest

  • “Courage, Calling, and other Alternatives to ‘Normal’”
  • “Vocation and Calling: Meaning, Passion, and Purpose in Work and Daily Life”
  • “Stop, Breathe, and Live on Purpose: Alternatives to a Normal Life”
  • “Coming To Life: Purpose and Wholeness”
  • “Living on Purpose: Seeds, Seasons, and the Undivided Life”
  • “Living a Life of Significance”
  • “Purpose, Meaning, and Positive Aging”
  • “Re-Imaging Life for the Third Chapter”
  • “Creating an Ecology of Calling: Models and Practices to Sustain and Integrate Vocational Reflection into Organizational Culture”
  • “Transforming Lives in a Mentoring Community”
  • “Asking Big Questions: Spirituality, Sustainability, and Social Justice”
  • “Values, Citizenship, and Community”
  • “Ways of Being with One Another: Postures of Presence, Arts of Attention”

Faith Communities

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  • “Vocation and Calling: Connecting Sunday to Monday”
  • “Congregation as Mentoring Community”


Photo credit: Courtesty of Gustavus Divest

  • “Leading from Within: Exploring Our Callings and Capacities to Lead for the Common Good”
  • “The Role of Calling in Leadership Development and Effectiveness”
  • “Let Your Life Speak: Living and Leading from Within”
  • “Vocation and Servant Leadership”

Educators, Schools, and Colleges

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  • “Teaching and Learning that Matters”
  • “Vocational Identity Development in Traditional College-Age Students”
  • “Life-long Paths in Service-Learning: Vocation, Spirit, and Work”
  • “Teaching and Learning for Life: Service-Learning, Vocation, and Social Justice”
  • “Integrative Learning: Where Academics and Student Affairs Converge”
  • “The Spirit of Service: Reflection in Service-Learning”
  • “Deep Learning and the Big Questions: Vocation and Reflection in Engaged & Integrative Learning”
  • “Engaged Leadership for Higher Education”
  • “Deep Impact: Mentoring College Men for Lives of Meaning and Making a Difference”
  • “Stepping it Up: Peer Mentoring in Vocation, Service, Faith, and Leadership among College Men”