“What could I do with my life?” was the question 25 Gustavus students took time to consider over the course of an hour workshop at the 2015 Greek Conference. This workshop, “What Should (or COULD!) I Do with my Life?” was one of two we offered as a personalized sample of The Milkweed Group’s “Leadership as Empowerment” series.

This seemingly simple question, “What COULD you do with your life?” came with an invitation for students to take a step back from all the voices telling them what they should be doing to survive in the real world. By shifting their imaginations from “should” to “could,” they were challenged to consider a more joyful way of living, one that helps them to sort through all the daily noise that surrounds them.

“It was very challenging, but inspired me to think about the future in a new way!” One student mentioned.

Through active reflection, participatory exercises, and small group conversations students were able to unveil their truest selves, and unleash the power of expansive imagination.

Another student reflected, “It was a different, but effective way of thinking about the future and what you really want.”

It’s absolutely amazing how creating an intentional space for students to be with one another, listen, and dream together revives their sense of purpose and fuels them to make positive changes in their lives and in the world. In one hour, students left with their eyes shining, prepared to live into the creative possibilities of the life they are called to live.

* * *

What is a life question you are wrestling with at the moment? Today, The Milkweed Group invites you to step in the practice of shifting the question from should to could. Do this for a moment, and allow yourself to begin to experience the freedom and creativity of discovering new possibilities for your life!

By Kaitlyn Reed

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